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"The 1987 FA Cup final was one of the most inspirational moments in the club’s history and to see the likes of Dave Bennett and Micky Gynn backing the campaign can only help get people in touch with their GP."

- Chris Anderson, Coventry City FC Executive Vice Chairman

Coventry City Council wanted to launch a campaign to encourage men in the 40-75 year old age range to take advantage of the free Health Check service offered by the NHS. 


A documentary film focusing on the fairytale FA Cup win enjoyed by Coventry City FC in 1987 seemed an ideal way to capture the imagination of this hard-to-reach demographic.


We set out to portray the unique emotions surrounding the game of football, how this bonds people together and how this passion is passed on from generation to generation


During this process we worked with BBC Archives department to source and incorporate footage of the cup final itself into the finished film. We also liaised closely with Coventry City FC to secure interviews with former players, including FA Cup final goalscorer Dave Bennett.


We also worked directly with the local community to find fans who had attended the game all those years ago, and encouraged them to share their own personal stories surrounding the day.








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