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"Giants is a powerful film that helps us to get across the urgent need we have for people to step forward - to help keep brothers and sisters together. "

- Councillor Simon Hackett, cabinet member for Childrens Services

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West Midlands Regional Fostering Recruitment Forum, a collaboration between twelve councils needed to encourage potential foster carers to consider fostering siblings together to avoid separating them.


Working closely to our client’s brief, we developed the project through various drafts at both treatment and script stage until we had the right combination of dynamic story-telling and rich emotion. The film tells the story of a young brother and sister who are fostered, and offers a unique insight into how important they are to each other.


Reel Twenty Five took the lead on production from script to screen, which included sourcing locations, production design and most importantly casting a number of parts including our two young leads.


A thirty-second version of the film screened as a TV advert on ITV 1, and shorter versions of the film screened at Sainsbury’s stores on in-house advertising media.


The final film was nominated for a Royal Television Society Midlands award.


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