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"... a high-quality film that clearly conveys both the impact that foster carers can have and the urgent need for more foster families across the Midlands."

- Kevin Williams, Fostering Network's Chief Executive

There Was A Boy
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Ahead of the UK’s biggest foster care recruitment campaign, a particular need to encourage potential carers to consider fostering teenagers was identified.


Sixteen councils collaborated and commissioned us to make 'There Was a Boy', a short fictional film that focused on communicating this need.

There Was a Boy follows the story of a troubled teenager whose past is beginning to define him. However we see that “nobody’s future is written” if the right support can help them at the right times.

Again, Reel Twenty Five took control of all the elements required to bring this story to life on screen, including finding an extensive young cast and sourcing police resources to bring another level of reality to the events portrayed.

Our extensive post-production expertise in editing, colour grading and sound design meant that we were able to effectively shape the dual timelines of the narrative that add so much texture to the finished film.

The finished film led a region-wide campaign and earned a second Royal Television Society Midlands award nomination for Reel Twenty Five.


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